You’ll also gain the firearm-obsessed Corso Riggs

Sith Warriors can select whether to further their mastery of single-lightsaber combat together with the Juggernaut, or they’re able to turn to dual-saber combat using the Marauder with swtor credits. As with other classes, your selection is permanent, though there are plenty of different specialties provided by both.

The Juggernaut masters the Soresu and Shien types of combat, allowing him selecting switching between an aggressive attack stance or maybe a balanced defensive approach. He also dons the heaviest possible armor, making himself an accurate monster within the battlefield. If you choose to single-lightsaber approach and a choice of tanking being a Warrior, then this Juggernaut is made for you.

Your career as being a Smuggler begins on this planet of Ord Mantell, a lush world that is gripped using a vicious civil war. After landing to provide a cargo, your precious ship has become stolen now you’re trapped on earth. Even worse, the area crime lord named Rogun the Butcher is holding you personally accountable for the loss with the shipment. To survive and find off the earth, you’ll need to deal with Republic officials, lots of whom are corrupt, and criminal enterprises all while attempting to dodge the effects with the civil war. Your class quests on Ord Mantell will encompass your efforts to get over planet while also wanting to find the person who stole your ship. By the time you depart Ord Mantell, you’ll have a price with your head, but who cares? A true smuggler is often a wanted man!

You’ll spend a ten levels around the war-torn planet gaining information about basic Smuggler abilities that can lead you to your two Advanced Class option: Scoundrel and Gunslinger. You’ll also gain the firearm-obsessed Corso Riggs being a companion by the time you depart Ord Mantell. Corso Riggs is a great starting companion as he can draw aggro off you and onto himself and the man can take lots of punishment as he wears heavy armor. Plus, he’s much less shabby together with his blaster rifle.

As you improve your reputation on Ord Mantell, pay attention to your playstyle. If you like going balls-to-the-wall on attack each time at, you’ll considerably more comfortable choosing Gunslinger just as one Advanced Class.

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