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We offer a range of traditional and holistic body massage service in gurgaon, jaipur to relax muscles and also offer mental and physical relaxation.

What do we want to do for you? We want you to feel at home! Our space is open for you to enjoy pleasant moments, where your well being is our only concern.

Wish Spa has been designed in every detail with the intention of welcoming each of its clients and meeting their individual needs, so that the time here with us is valuable and unrivaled.

Services: Full Body Massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Balinese Massage, Spot Massage, Female to Male Massage

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People can also use massage therapy as a standalone treatment. Some people get massages regularly to stay in good physical condition. Athletes, for example, regularly make appointments for sports massage, which is a form of massage therapy specifically designed for people who engage in sports activities on a regular basis. Massage can be used as part of a general wellness program for people ranging from people concerned about muscle tension to construction workers who want to keep their muscles loose, strong and flexible.


People of all ages can benefit from massage therapy when it is performed by a competent and qualified practitioner. Massage is also suitable for people with disabilities, pregnant women, and people on medical treatment, although some special precautions may need to be taken to protect the client’s health. People who are unsure whether or not contraindications or massage are appropriate may consult their health care providers for contraindications.

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Basic massage therapy can be performed on fully clothed clients, depending on the comfort level. Techniques from a variety of massage styles can be incorporated, the masseur can tailor the sessions to the patient’s needs. When discussing massage therapy, people should be sure to say the problem areas they would like to see addressed, and to discuss their medical history so that the massage therapist can adjust the session details to avoid causing medical complications.

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