Learn About The Tools Used By Python Developers

A Python developer is responsible for the coding, creating, delivering, and debugging development projects on the server side. They use several different tools while coding. So, today in this blog, I will tell you about the different tools that Python developers use.

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What Tools Do Python Developers Use?

The list of the best tools for Python developers to use can be broken down into various categories because of Python’s versatility and wide range of applications:

Python data science tools

Python developers, machine learning specialists, and data scientists all vouch for the open-source Scikit-Learn tool for data mining and analysis.

A high-level neural network library created in Python, Keras is simple to use and ideal for deep learning and machine learning.

Python’s Theano library is handy for analyzing mathematical operations since it works well with NumPy. The scientific and technical computing fields also use SciPy.

Python tools for automation testing

With Selenium, a Python developer can create scripts in a variety of different languages, such as C#, PHP, Perl, Ruby, and Java. You may run tests using Selenium from any browser on any of the three main operating systems.

Robot Framework, a general test automation framework for acceptance testing that supports test automation for iOS and Android as well as web apps, is also open-source.

TestComplete is an automation testing tool like Robot Framework, however it needs a commercial license.

Python web scraping tools

LXML is a Python-based tool with a ton of features for C libraries. A time-saving Python library called Beautiful Soup is used for tasks like screen scraping. Additionally, Scrapy is an open-source Python framework that crawls websites and pulls data from them.

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