For patients suffering from locomotor disorder, a physician prescribes it, and for patients referred to a spa cure, body massage includes therapy. Massage is one of the oldest healing methods, but for a long time not only medical treatment, rehabilitation. The most effective way to maintain the health of our body is through a preventive approach. Massage removes waste products from the skin and muscles, and increases blood and lymphatic circulation. It has been proven by scientific research that massage greatly contributes to the relaxation of the body and mind, relieving psychological stress, preventing the development of psychosomatic illnesses, thus having a significant impact on health and well-being.

Massage removes waste products from the skin and muscles, and increases blood and lymphatic circulation. It contributes greatly to physical and mental relaxation, to relieving psychological tension, with a significant impact on health and well-being.

So discover the magical world of healing touch and enjoy all its benefits!

Swedish massage

Massage in Delhi is approx. began to be used for healing purposes in the 1500s. The first medically sound and science-based notes are from Swedish-born fencer Pehr Henrik Ling. He used the physiotherapy he created and the “passive movements”, which included the five basic techniques of massage used today: smoothing, rubbing, kneading, tapping-cutting-borrowing, and vibration. This system is called Swedish Massage, and its courses form the basis of all European massages, including therapeutic massages. The massage begins and finishes with smoothing. Rubbing is similar to smoothing, but with a greater force, here the skin is already displaced relative to the tissues; this has a stronger effect on blood circulation. The muscles and tendons are stretched thereby reducing the amount of joints where there is pain, it also depends or decreases. During kneading, the masseur’s fingers lift the muscles from the bones, squeeze the muscles and thus act on the subcutaneous fat. Vibration: A vibrating motion directed at a body tissue. Its strength varies, depending on the patient. The procedure of refreshing massage is very similar to the Swedish massage, but it is much finer softer, more refreshing in nature. The treatment is done with massage oil. Massage provides the body with free flow of energy. By unblocking the blocks, it helps distribute the energies needed for physical, emotional, and mental functioning. The treatments improve blood and lymphatic circulation. By doing so, it helps to detoxify the body by starting the decontamination process. It is also excellent for relieving stress and tension, relaxing, refreshing and relaxing. Contraindications: Massage should not be used during febrile illness, weakened health (eg immediately after surgery), infectious and skin diseases (eg fungal, eczematous skin) and bruised skin. It is also forbidden for any disease that causes acute complaints, pain, bleeding, or swelling.

Volcanic stone massage

Hot stone massage is done by hot stones, the healing effects of which have been known for thousands of years by the science of medicine. Massage is done not only by hand but also with volcanic stones. Smooth, flat stones are placed on the body surface, which have been heated to 50-60 degrees Celsius, and then gently pressed into the muscles using a sliding technique, just like the cape. In addition to its beneficial effects, the experience itself is uplifting, especially in the area of ​​torso and trapezius (hooded) muscle.

Hot stone massage is done with special essential oils, combining massage and aromatherapy. The effectiveness of the combination of lava stone massage and aromatherapy is based on the fact that the stones retain their high temperature for a long time, thus allowing the essential oils to penetrate the heated skin much more easily and deeper.

There are some cases when a hot stone massage is not recommended, or at least a specialist opinion is required. Be sure to consult for cardiovascular complaints and high blood pressure. Furthermore, it is not recommended during menstruation and pregnancy. Due to the high temperature, lava stones should be avoided with various inflammatory diseases.

Hot stone massage is recommended for anyone who does not fall into one of the above categories or has not been specifically forbidden by the doctor. The purpose of the massage combined with the powerful Swedish massage catches, besides the pain relief, it replenishes the life energy, harmonizes the body and the soul, has an excellent stress relieving effect. Its positive effects are most noticeable in the bloodstream. It also improves lymphatic circulation, thereby accelerating detoxification processes and relaxing muscles. As the larger stones are placed along the energy centers, they smooth out the energy flows and dissolve the blocks. Hot stone massage is also effective for a healthy person

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