Know About Thai Massage

Massage is an ancient natural healing method. It is still very popular and useful today because it is safe, has no side effects and is not toxic or harmful to health.

A little history

Far Eastern, ancient, traditional massage based on thousands of years of tradition. The purpose of Thai massage is to stretch, press, and posture different muscles, provide free flow of energy, relieve pain and stiffness, and create a flexible, supple, relaxed state.

The roots of healing massage in Thailand go back to India.

Jivaka Kumar Bhacca is the “father of Thai massage”.

The legendary founding father of science was a North Indian doctor, Jivaka Kumar Bhacca.

His statue is still highly valued and respected. Every day they put fresh food, flowers, and incense. At least once a day, the mantra that is preserved in Paul’s language for his own honor and for his own inner balance is recited.

Since 1997, the Thai government has officially recognized and supported the revitalization and practice of therapeutic Thai massage.

The Thai Massage

One of the oldest, most popular and most effective oriental cures in the world famous Thai massage spa in lajpat nagar. Thai Massage balances body elements.

If one is healthy, life energy flows freely in the meridians. Excessive life, emotional stress, weakness or injury interferes with this process. You can bring the stagnant energy back into a calm stream. It enhances the body’s defensive power and can be used to relieve sleep disorders, anxiety, tension and pain. Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. Lymphatic tissues transport the end products of the metabolism, which are partly too large to return to the circulation and partly cannot be further degraded in the tissue. Lymphatic drainage is of great importance for the immune system.

Unlike other massages, Thai massage also differs from so-called dry massages, which, unlike other techniques, do not use oils or creams.

It is not the muscles but the acupuncture points that are stimulated by the point pressure technique. The whole body procedure has its own special choreography, during the one and a half hour massage every part of the body goes through the masseur, from the toes to the head. It also contains stretching exercises, although it does not affect the muscles. Masseurs massage not only the palms and tips of the feet, but also the knees, soles and elbows. (The next day, however, under strong pressure, they will not be filled with blue-green patches, only increased energy and excellent well-being.)

In the West, regular massages have become part of the lifestyle of wider social groups. It is common for people not (or not always) to relax with a glass of whiskey in the evening, but to indulge in a much healthier and more lasting Thai massage.

Its regular application ensures well-being and has an excellent therapeutic effect in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular, digestive and musculoskeletal disorders.

Massage at specific points of the body promotes total relaxation. Accelerated blood circulation provides more oxygen to the body, so you can relax. The poles of our skin are enlarged, and the accelerated blood circulation will clear away the toxins that have been deposited from the skin (by consuming plenty of fluid we can increase the effectiveness of the process).

Its analgesic effect has also been demonstrated by its acupuncture and the release of endorphins due to relaxation. Many suffer from joint and bone pains and spine problems. Over time, the intervertebral disc loses its elasticity, flattens and squeezes the nerve endings, which can cause lower back and back pain. Massage therapy is also a good therapy to remedy the above complaints.

Effects of Thai massage in lajpat nagar

The essence of Thai massage is stretching and pressing muscles, taking up different postures, ensuring free flow of energy, relieving pain and stiffness, creating a flexible, supple, relaxed state.

By special movements it acts on the energy channels and harmonizes the energy body through the physical body. It dissolves energy blocks, relaxes body and soul, relieves pain, detoxifies, activates blood and lymphatic circulation, and self-healing mechanisms of the body. It is thus well suited for the prevention of diseases. It does not require a massage device and its results are immediately apparent.

So the effect of Thai massage is soothing and stimulating. Massage at specific points of the body promotes total relaxation. It has a relaxing, stress relieving effect and an analgesic effect. Above all, we experience that we will be physically and mentally refreshed, more active, and more balanced.

Treatment of energy lines and meridians improves blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, thus helping to detoxify the body and remove waste products. Stimulates the vegetative nervous system, internal organs, stimulates their functioning, balances the body’s energy system. Stretching, “stretching”, relieves stiffness and tension in the muscles and joints, and increases the flexibility of the body. After the massage we feel fresh, supple, we move more easily, our muscles stiffen.

“In the West, regular massages have been incorporated into the lifestyle of a broader social class. It is common for people not to relax (or not always) with a glass of whiskey at night, but to indulge in a much healthier and more lasting Thai massage.” !!

Body Massage:

The massage is done on a mattress placed on the floor in light, comfortable clothes, lying down or sitting.

The whole body procedure has a special choreography, during the 1-2 hour massage every part of the body goes through the masseur, who uses his or her palm, elbows and soles. The extraordinary effectiveness of the massage is enhanced by the special “pulling out” of various body parts.

Foot Massage:

Thai foot massage differs in many respects from traditional foot massage. Foot massage is done in comfortable armchairs. Moving from the soles of the foot to the calf, they reach the knee by pressing the acupressure points, eventually pushing the upper body and head. He does not work with the reflex points on the soles in the traditional way, but uses a special stick to enhance the effects of the press. This is what the Thais call the “little doctor”.

Thai Oil Massage:

Thai oil massage is a later trend, special movements of massage are also performed on Thai energy paths.

Stimulates blood circulation, lymph circulation, relaxes muscle. Massage with aromatherapy oils and therapeutic method, according to the guest’s mood and needs. The choice of aroma oils depends on our purpose of massaging.The Thai oil massage will regenerate and refresh the body in 1 or 2 hours. The healing and relaxing effect of oils is really effective if we do not shower for a few hours after the massage.

Thai Herbal Massage:

Herbal bag treatment (also called “herbal revival”) soothes the nerves and redirects the energy needed for good health.

A typical herbal bag contains herbs and spices that are heated in hot steam when wrapped in muslin or cotton cloth. Massage is very effective for muscle aches that occur during excessive physical exertion. As the vapors penetrate the pores of the skin and the lungs, the body absorbs the healing plant molecules. The herbal bag can be used in other ways: clamped to different parts of the body, relieves muscle aches, stimulates blood circulation and refreshes the skin. Moisture from the bag is absorbed into the skin.The herbal-humidified massage also has a cosmetic effect because it contains natural herbs. Thai women use it to relieve postpartum fatigue or maternal depression. The Thai people still swear by this treatment, which is especially popular after childbirth and diet. Most of the ingredients of herbal massage have antibacterial and antifungal properties and the scent emitted during the treatment gives a calming effect.

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