Massage the feet, toes and ankles

It is unlikely that there is something more pleasant and relaxing than a foot massage. On the soles of the feet are hundreds of nerve endings, which delivers massaging unearthly pleasure and brings great benefit to the entire body. Here are the points that are responsible for the work of the pituitary gland, larynx, lung, liver, intestine, stomach and gonads. Foot massage relieves fatigue, improves blood circulation and tones the whole body. But do not think that it is simple and easy.

Before the procedure, it is desirable to prepare a foot massage – to steam them into herbal infusion for 15 minutes. Women can massage pedicure complement, as it can do on their own. For convenience, use massage oil or any fat cream. Apply it on your hands, rub and get started. The cream can be made and on the foot, ankle, and the space between the fingers.

Now, take a comfortable position, sitting better. Or if you prefer to do foot massage to another person standing, then bend his free leg at the knee and massaged just put on top. So it will be more convenient.

Begin by rubbing your fingers. With one hand, hold the foot, and the other spiral motion gently rub each toe. Thoroughly work on your fingers, go to the interdigital spaces and soles of the feet.

Rub the soles of undulating fist and middle phalanges bent fingers. All movements have to be from the toes to the heels.

Heel dedicate a few minutes, it is necessary to grind as it should. Make a few tweaks, then rub with your fingers, first four, then one large. Repeat all over again, sparing no effort.

Now you can go to the Achilles tendon. Steps are the same motion from the heel to the calves. After this massage the back side of the foot, using both hands. Do stroking and rubbing circularity. Move from the fingertips to the shin.

That was the turn of the ankle joint. It is desirable to massage both hands. Do straight and circular kneading, and then add the sliding finger movements upwards and then proceed with the spiral movement.

Now take the foot with both hands and carefully make a few movements in all directions. Doing massage to another person, follow their own posture and do not overextend your back muscles.

If you need to quickly bring the legs into shape, Try to do acupressure. Take your foot in the hands, feet, fingers should be between the forefinger and thumb. Now press your thumb on the three points on the toes: the nail, with the joint and on the base of the finger. Clasp the hand foot and press again, this time on the gaps between the fingers on the top of the foot to the lift.

Now pay attention to the heel – massage her dot on the inside of the lift, and on both sides of the Achilles tendon to ankle. Each stop take a minimum of three minutes, and then pull the leg forward and slightly upward, taking a comfortable position.

After the massage, remove any excess cream or oil with a towel. Take a massage on a regular basis, in the summer longer walk barefoot, and your feet will only please you.

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