The Body Massage in Delhi

Best Body Massage in Delhi by Female and Male.

Many massages go beyond well-being or good sensations. They are all a therapeutic art that improves mental, physical and emotional health. It is true that in our time the frenetic pace of life causes tension, malaise, stress, tiredness … We have forgotten the time for oneself and the management of personal spaces. For this reason, we propose a series of therapies to recover this connection with you and make personal well-being the tonic of your day to day.

– General chiromassage

Unstructured therapeutic massage applied to the back, legs and feet, arms, hands and skull. Through the perceptive palpation of the masseuse, the patient’s muscles work, achieving regulatory effects on the pains, the general level of energy, moods, the marriage and the psyche of the patient. The benefits of chiropractice evolve more and more and become evident by the person who receives them. From feelings of relaxation and physical and mental lightness, to improvement of sleep, bodily mobility or the rhythm of life and the moods.

– Relaxing massage

This type of massage goes beyond purely physical terms. The contact established between the professional and the patient provides calm, security and comfort to the person treated, regulating and stabilizing their psychophysical tension. Through unblocking and breathing techniques, the masseuse perceives and interprets the person and helps to release tensions, regain serenity and therefore helps him feel immersed in a state of calm and tranquility .

– Neurosedant massage

Relaxation techniques for the Central Nervous System. This massage is ideal for treating mood swings, emotional alterations (both at depressive and hyperactive states) or even for headaches, migraines or nocturnal bruxism. It can be very beneficial for personal moments that are not beneficial to us: work, couple, fears, insecurities, chronic fatigue or associated illnesses.

– Anti-stress massage:

Through this therapy, deep Swedish massage techniques are used to reduce muscle tension and stimulate circulation in the most affected areas (neck, shoulders, upper back and arms). Afterwards, foot reflexology points are applied and the treatment is finished with a guided relaxation or reiki, according to

needs that the patient requests. It is a massage that is indicated above all for people with a very accelerated pace of life, that they feel dead or with little energy and that they may become distressed precisely to have these sensations.

– Sports massage:

It applies to people who practice sports. It is a massage that can be used before, during and after sports practice. Preference will be given to the type of sport that the patient makes in order to focus on those muscle strings and joint groups that are most subjected during the exercise to be performed.

– Local massage (legs, arms and hands, or back):

Specific treatment that combines different pressures and techniques of general deliromassage on specific areas of the body in order to restore its improvement.

– Face-cranial massage

In this massage we work to unblock the channels of energy meridians through the stimulation of these points of the meridians that are in the face. The microcirculation of these neuro-vascular areas that have a direct relationship with the Central Nervous System is activated. In addition, this massage also has

Other benefits at the aesthetic level as it provides an improvement of the skin through facial massage. The person relaxes all the muscles in this area and this eliminates signs of tiredness, bags under the eyes and helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

– Relaxing foot massage

The feet are one of the most important parts of our body that we do not always pay the attention that would be necessary. And that is a big mistake, because they are the ones who carry us up and down every day; They are a symbol of our evolution and of our maintenance. The feet are our base. When they hurt us, when they do not let us walk safely, it is the whole body and the whole person who resents them. Careful treatment with them, with proper relaxation and hydration, will give us great benefit and well-being. Through the relaxing foot massage, we seek to return these sensations to our base.

– Foot reflexology

Reflexology has as a principle to unify our all as an integrated system, considering the human being as a holistic and complex concept, with biological, psychological and spiritual aspects. Foot reflexology is a therapeutic technique that consists in the application of specific massages as a method of stimulation in the pun.

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