Massage Against Stress and Tension

Massage is a great way to deal with everyday problems such as stress, tension and lack of physical activity, but also to strengthen the general state of mind and body.

MASSAGE is an ancient method of healing, which has been used for thousands of years for pain relief, energy recovery and relaxation. The effect of the massage is reflected in the local influence on the tissues, which causes the fluid (lymph and blood) to move. Massage improves blood flow and, consequently, nourishes the skin, leading to its strengthening, improving the function of the sebaceous and sweat glands, mechanically removing bacteria, relaxing muscles, and acting on the nervous system. It greatly reduces the build-up of tension in the flexed and tense muscles, and therefore increases the flow of oxygen, which leads to relaxation! The basis of massage is touch, which actually shows the skill of massaging and the ability to turn it into pleasure and enjoyment!

Each massage should begin with a general relaxation of the body in a comfortable atmosphere and light breathing. Whenever we massage, we should move slowly – part by part. Massage methods often vary from person to person both in dynamics and in approach. First of all, the strength of the grip is thought of, because a certain strength can be extremely pleasing to someone, while to others it can be a painful and unpleasant sensation! There are various divisions of massages, but today we most often encounter relaxation massage, which is certainly the most accessible and we have certainly heard about it a lot. In addition to relaxation, there are sports massages that help to improve blood circulation, melt and remove fat deposits more quickly and quickly, and are used for body warming, whether for health or sports purposes, as well as therapeutic massage, which is used in the purpose of the effect on the diseased organism and is exclusively performed by physical therapists.

Apart from helping a person to recover, relax and relax his body and soul, massage can also cause some negative effects on his health, of course, only when he is doing wrong. Improper massaging of the circulation can accelerate six to eight times, leading to varicose veins that contain thrombi, the so-called thrombophlebitis. There is a possibility that accelerated circulation can break the thrombus and trigger it. If left in the heart, it causes a heart attack, or in the lungs – a pulmonary embolism, which can be deadly. People with cancer should avoid massage because they can trigger malignant cells. Massage is not done in people with fever, because it widens blood vessels and thus worsens the condition of the person. Also, massage is not recommended when there are any changes in the skin, sores or any inflammation, as well as inflamed and varicose veins on the legs! Massage is not done during the menstrual cycle in women because there is already bleeding. Mild acupressure and lymphatic drainage are allowed, but not a full body massage, which causes the circulation to accelerate, as there may be an outflow.

Depending on what massage we perform, there are the following types:

  • MANUEL – manual massage.
  • APPARATUS – using various appliances.
  • HYDROMASSAGE – massage in the aquatic environment.
  • CRIMASSAGE – massage with ice or various cold gels.
  • AROMATHERAPY – massage with essential oils dissolved in basic oils, and depending on the type of problem, appropriate essential oils are used which have special relaxing scents.
  • Lymphatic drainage – a special massage technique and is done solely by massage therapists.

If you decide to relax, first find a suitable work surface, a thinner mattress or something similar. Of course, if you are a professional masseuse get a massage table. Remember to pack a few clean towels as well, as they will come in handy when covering, as well as a few pads, which would serve as coasters at certain positions. It takes an hour to an hour and a half to massage your entire body if you cover your face and head! One of the quickest ways to relax someone is to massage his head and neck, which should take 15 to 20 minutes. For the beginner, it is easiest to massage the back and it should take about 20 minutes. Before going for a massage, make sure the atmosphere is extremely comfortable and relaxed. Don’t rush the first grip, because your touch is of the utmost importance. To give an exceptional massage that will make an excellent impression, your hands should be warm, nimble but also powerful. Different parts of the body require different pressure, so when it comes to the back we need to have deep and firm grip, and gentler and superficial ones for the area around the ribs. Good rhythm is the basis for a successful and good massage. Sudden changes of pace can upset the person we are massaging. A very good thing is the soothing music during the massage, which determines the rhythm of the massage, but of course quietly released, because being too loud could disrupt the atmosphere, which is certainly not our goal. The important thing about relaxing massages is the use of fragrant and natural oils. They are not only used to help the hands glide over the body, but also have a certain effect on the body. They enter the body through the skin and then spread through the bloodstream, thereby enhancing circulation, relaxing and nourishing the body, releasing it from toxins and thus contributing to better massage effects. You can use various natural oils like almond, sesame, palm seed, olive, seaweed oil. And when these natural substances are rubbed on the skin, they have a very effective effect on the body. Other preparations can also be used, such as baby oil, but they only provide the effect of slipping hands.

Massage in sports is very important in all stages, and especially in the phase of basic preparations. The reason for this is that with the help of massage we accelerate the circulation, eliminate pain, accelerate the recovery of the body. In the competitive phase, the desire of the athlete who knows best what is comfortable with him should be respected and massaged as he says. The movements used to perform this massage are wider and significantly more aggressive. Most often, sports massage is both therapeutic and partial. Immediately before the competition, it is generally a rule that no relaxation massage is performed. The reason is that the muscle tone must not drop at that moment.

Thai massage is often misinterpreted and mixed with other exotic types of massages. It is, in fact, an ancient technique originating in Thailand, born out of a desire to provide physical and psychological recovery to people in need. It is based on the ten most important meridians, that is, energy channels that flow throughout the body. They contain acupressure points, the so-called body windows, which are very important in regulating life energy. Massaging these points relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation, reduces stress, relieves pain, strengthens internal organs, maintains vitality. Thai massage creates a balance between energy of body, mind and spirit. She combines knowledge of Indian yoga, Chinese acupressure, chiropractic and Japanese massage. It is always done when the client is dressed, in a wardrobe of natural fibers, say cotton. It usually lasts from 1h 30min to 3 hours. It is interesting that in men we work first right and in women left side of the body!

Anti-cellulite massage is a special type of massage that is done for people who have cellulite. The prevailing view is that cellulite is a problem for women, but unfortunately this is not the case. Men can also have cellulite in different places. Depending on the type of cellulite, various types of treatments are done. The massage is performed by a massage therapist.

Lymphatic drainage
Lymphatic drainage and hydration maintain the flow of the lymph, enhance the function of the capillary lymphatic pump and increase the permeability of the skin. It is a massage for lymphedema, chronic rheumatism of the joints, contusions and hematomas, burn scars, joint distortions. It produces good results in both cellulite and stretch marks treatments.

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic effect of essential oils. The effects of natural vegetable oils were discovered more than 6000 years ago. It is used both in treatment and in cosmetics. We use aromatherapy to:

  • – Humility
  • – Refresh the space we live in
  • -Expansion of toxins from the body through sweating
  • – Muscle strengthening
  • – Breaking down fat deposits
  • – Increase skin tone
  • – Strengthen the immune system

Aromatherapy also has a positive effect on the nervous system, stress, depression, headache, fear, but also on the digestive system (colic, constipation, cramps, liver strengthening, bile stimulation)


  • – Removes pain and helps the body recover faster from injury or surgery
  • – Tones and relaxes the muscles
  • – warms the body and increases circulation and flow of lymph
  • – accelerates the flow of oxygen into the tissue
  • – enhances strength and sexual vitality
  • – Improves concentration and intelligence
  • – nourishes the skin, makes it softer, brighter and better
  • – removes waste elements from the body and breaks down cellulite
  • – makes the body more harmonious and beautiful
  • – promotes the resistance of the body and the immune system
  • – Removes joint tension and corrects posture
  • – anti-stress and relieves insomnia
  • – Releases accumulated emotions
  • – brings the body and psyche into harmony

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