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Massage increases body resistance

People In addition to the scientific diet, regularly massage the following parts of the body to improve resistance, prevent disease.


This is the fastest and most effective way to stimulate the nervous center. Top-level skin massages help circulate blood vessels to the brain, while stimulating the brain to secrete more than 50 hormones that enhance the function of the central immune organs.

Method: Use the palm of the hand to massage the top of the head clockwise from 100-400 rounds / day. This method is especially good for people with high blood pressure.


Stimulating the thyroid gland can help stimulate metabolism, promote cell growth as well as the body’s absorption of calcium.

Method: Use 3 middle fingers of the left and right hands to massage along the front part of the throat. Working days are 100-400 times.


Spleen plays a key role in the process of hematopoiesis, blood storage and dialysis for the body. By stimulating the cells in the spleen to produce antigens in the blood, the body can increase its resistance.

Method: Use a massage palm along the splice ribs in the direction from bottom to top and vice versa. Perform from 10-300 times / day.


Massage stimulates the activity of the liver, accelerating the process of creating bile, thereby helping to absorb and digest ingredients from food into essential nutrients for cells and detoxify and excrete toxins in the body.

Method: Using the palm of the hand to massage in the circle of the abdomen on the right side from 200-300 times / day. Note that you should massage both the front and the back of the abdomen to achieve the most stimulating effect.


The adrenal glands are located in the abdomen, behind the peritoneum and above the two kidneys, secrete body-balanced hormones, such as hormones that fight stress, regulate blood pressure … The adrenal glands also help harmonize metabolism, prevent infections and autoimmune diseases, treat inflammation and antiviral in the body.

Method: Use two hands to press and gently light the surface of the last two ribs on both sides of the spine 300-800 times / day.

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