Spa Massages: what they consist of and benefits

The demand for spa massages does not stop growing, there are more hotels, resorts and holiday complexes that offer such services every day as part of their healthy and beauty activities. But what exactly are spa massages? Why do they bring so much profit? These are the two major issues that we address in today’s article. Are you with us

What are spa massages?

Maybe you know exactly what massages are in a spa or, perhaps, do not be too clear. If so, let’s clarify it, do you think?

In general, we could define these massages as those massages of well-being and beauty that a professional carries out in the facilities of a spa center. Generally, spa massages do not “go alone” but are accompanied by other types of manual therapies and health and beauty treatments that try to improve both the body and the minds of the clients.

Sometimes spa massages are defined as relaxing massages, that is to say, a series of massages that do not look for a remedy for some specific pathology -cietic, lower back pain, contractures, etc.- but that they try to tone the muscles, clean the skin Impurities, return the light to our tired faces, relax globally who receives these types of spa massages, increase their positive energy, etc.

At Amrita Spa we offer these types of massages made by professionals who will take care of you and will make you feel as new, with different treatments adapted to each type of skin.

Benefits of massages in a spa

The benefits of spa massages are many and varied, especially because they combine beauty and wellness treatments with other types of typical spa activities that, as you know, take advantage of all the benefits of water to restore our energy physical and emotional

To try to specify a bit, we could divide the benefits in two large groups: emotional and physical. See it in detail below.

Some emotional benefits

The most important benefits of spa massages will be found in the emotional or psychological sense and would be the following:

This type of massage combined with other therapies or beauty treatments is perfect for relaxing for a few hours, to disconnect from the routine, take a breath of the real world and simply let yourself be pampered.
They help us to see these problems or personal, professional and labor conflicts with which we all have to deal with from a more relaxed perspective.
The physical and emotional well-being we feel after receiving a massage session is almost immediate and involves an injection of personal self-esteem that will help us to rest our positive energy reserves.

Some physical benefits

The physical benefits of spa massages are a consequence of the emotional benefits of receiving this type of beauty and relaxation treatments. What do we mean? It is important that you remember that massages in a spa are not medical massages, but relaxing and beauty massages, so if you have any specific or chronic illness, it is advisable that you go to your family doctor for more massage therapy advice Suitable for your specific case.

Clarifying this important point, we could say that the main benefits that have this type of massage for our physical health would be the following:

Relaxation of the muscles of the back, necks, legs, arms …
Elimination of surface tension caused by physical fatigue, stress, excessive responsibilities, etc.
Improvement of the digestive activity of our body thanks, above all, to the feeling of well-being that this type of relaxing massages means.
Improvement of the external appearance of our dermis.


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