Thai Body to Body Massage in Delhi

“Old healing therapy that provides a state of physical, energetic and emotional balance”

Thai Massage combines the principles of yoga, ayurvedic medicine, acupressure and Buddhist philosophy. It consists of stimulating the energy lines of the body, either by applying pressure using hands, arms and feet, or through passive stretching from yoga. It also incorporates the mobilization of joints and rhythmic movements that bring dynamism and fluidity to the sessions.

The goal is to create space within the body, recover the freedom of movement and breathing, leading to a deep relaxation that allows to harmonize the overall functioning of the whole body. This type of massage is one of the most complete since the whole body works. In addition, each treatment is unique and adapts to the specific needs of the moment.


It is an ancient healing therapy that originated in India more than 2000 years ago and which, with the expansion of Buddhism, was brought to Thailand by Ayurvedic doctors and Buddhist monks, where it remained in the temples as a medical practice and sacred Since then, Thai Massage has been part of Thai traditional medicine, along with the use of medicinal plants and steam baths.


It increases muscular and joint flexibility, improves blood circulation and lymphatic, relieves contractures, stimulates the immune system and digests, relaxes the nervous system, contributes harmony, vitality and a state of physical, energetic and emotional balance. This type of massage is recommended either for the recovery of a specific and timely condition, such as injury prevention or for the maintenance of a healthy state.

The final feeling is similar to having received the benefits of a yoga session, which is why it is also known as Thai Yoga Massage. The massage is carried out on the floor, on a mattress where the person who receives it wears comfortable and flexible clothes.


Amrita Spa is trained in Thai Therapeutic Massage, Abdominal Massage, thai Shiatsu, and Reflexology.

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